Saturday, May 12

The Well Has Run Dry

Charlie has just about outgrown his baby bath. He loves to
try to touch the water and seems fascinated with it.
I'm so thankful Charlie sleeps through the night. It is blissful to not wake up 2, 3, or 4 times during the night anymore. But, every action has a consequence.
Once Charlie stopped waking up to eat, I stopped waking up, too. That meant a longer interval between boob feeding which in turn meant loss of stimulation. So my milk supply was quickly drying up. Within a week, I went from producing 12-14 ounces to a mere 3 or 4 ounces. Even though I was feeding and/or pumping every 3 hours, I just couldn't seem to make any more.

It got even worse. Even the milk I would pump, he wouldn't eat it. Maybe it tasted funny. I don't know. I didn't taste it.

I took this one earlier this morning. Even though it's spring,
it's still chilly outside. This hat makes me laugh.

However, he is now consistently eating solids. Although he tolerates the oatmeal, he seems to like bananas and pears the best. The peaches are too sour and he did not like carrots at all.

We will be going to the 6 month appointment next week. 6 months seems to be a big milestone. He's eating solids, can almost sit up by himself and will probably be itching to crawl soon. That means it's time to get the carpets cleaned.

We were comparing Kevin's baby pictures to Charlie and he is, without a doubt, Kevin's kid. Not that there was a doubt about it in the first place - but it's pretty definitive based on looks alone.

This is Kevin with his mom back in 1971. Throw a hat on
Charlie and this could be him.

Another one of Kevin as a baby.

Charlie was just over 5 months here. Now that he knows what
he's doing, he loves to bounce in his chair.

This was about the time he figured out he had a tongue.

And this was at Liberty Park a couple of weeks ago. He had
more fun than he appears to be having in the picture.

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