Tuesday, May 1

Rock a Bye

It has been a busy couple of weeks. We had visits from two sets of grandparents, I initiated a wellness program at work and I got my hair did.

Charlie is gearing up for his 6 month appointment. 6 months! When did that happen? His personality has blossomed. He occasionally giggles now, but he's quite ticklish. He seems to recognize us more, although I love this age - he sees anyone smiling and is instantly happy. I took him to work with me last Friday and he loved seeing all the new faces! We also went to visit Kevin at work and, although he was getting a bit crabby, he was still such a good boy for all of Kevin's co-workers.

Now I'm going to brag. Charlie is a champion sleeper. I mean, serious champ. He is ready for bed around 7, and sleeps all through the night. He doesn't wake up until 6 or 7 in the morning which is perfect as it gives us some time to spend together before I go to work. AND, we do actually have a routine now! It's like magic.

7:00 Wake up time - extra cuddles and play time
7:15 Boob time (my supply is just about dried up, but I still have to pump/feed about three times a day)
7:30 Diaper change, breakfast for mom, play time for Charlie
8:00 Cuddle/play time
8:30 Nap time, mom gets ready for the day
9:30 Charlie wakes up, diaper and clothes
10:30 Mom goes to work

On the days I stay home, we're still trying to get the hang of the afternoon. He is still taking three naps a day usually, about an hour each. At first I thought this was too much sleep. I mean, I know he's still an infant, but that's about 16 hours a day of sleep. Doesn't that seem like a lot? But I guess it's not. And he is SO MUCH happier when he sleeps well.

While we're on the subject of sleep, check out how Charlie sleeps.

Usually, he is on his belly. Often, his face is buried in the softness of his bumpers. Trust me, I am the first to acknowledge how alarming this is. I have tried moving him, rolling him, taking everything out, putting him to sleep with a soft animal and taking it out...many things to try and comfort him to sleep but keep him safe in the night. He just wakes up as soon as the "softies" are gone. He will not stay asleep otherwise. So, I stare with a hawk's eye at my video monitor quite a bit during the night and haven't slept soundly in ages, but he is old enough to roll over and seems to be breathing just fine, even when on his tummy or squished in the corner.

I've lost 9 pounds since I started in March. It's a far cry from the total I am aiming for, but my clothes are fitting much better and I can fit in just about all of my pre-baby clothes. 

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