Monday, January 23

Swinger Central


Charlie had his two month check up at the doctor on Friday. As far as growth goes, he is short and fat. He's now about 20.5 inches and around 10.5 pounds. My arms burn from the weight when I have to carry around his car seat. I haven't had a chance to use the stroller yet (except when we went to visit Kevin on his birthday back in December...but that was just to wheel him from the car to his office - about 30 feet away). I have a feeling I'm really going to like that thing the older - and heavier - he gets, though. He got his first round of shots and really did quite well, all things considered. He's been a trooper all weekend and we only had to drug him up with some Children's Tylenol a few times.

The night times are still hit or miss. Some nights, he will sleep for hours on end, only waking up once to eat. Other nights, he'll barely sleep more than two hours total. Thankfully, my flexible work schedule accommodates these fluctuations quite well. I'm able to catch up on missed sleep by sleeping in a bit longer or taking a midday nap if needed.
Notice the apropos Spongebob jams for the under the sea theme.
 It also helps that Kevin takes over for me whenever he can. I'm sure he would way rather stay home with the two of us than head off to work most mornings.

Kevin's sister Aimee gave us a swing that was passed on to her from her other sister Heather. It's made the rounds, but I can see why. It has the option of swinging front to back or side to side, plus it has a light up display with circling sea creatures above it. Charlie wasn't too big on the front to back swinging but he seems to like the side to side stuff. He is also now showing LOTS of interest in the colorful sea creatures above him and watches them intensely. It's super cute to watch his facial expressions as they spin. Such awe!

He is smiling like crazy these days. It used to be a lot more common when he was sleeping, but now it's all the time. He isn't much of a cooer yet, but he is getting better at showing his contentment. A couple of weeks ago when my mom was here spending the week with me, I even got him to laugh! I guess I'm just not as funny as I was that day, though, because he hasn't laughed for me since. He did give a few little giggles for grandma while she was holding him, so I know there are more chuckles just around the corner, but it was so cool hearing the very first one. I wish I could have had it on video so Kevin could see it.

Making good use of the pee pee tee pee from Aunt Gina
Having my mom spend the week with us was awesome. We reorganized the kitchen which, for my mom, was probably one of the highlights of her trip. We also did some shopping with my sister from Wyoming and I got to sleep in almost every day! Ah, I miss that. She had a great time with Charlie and he definitely loved being held and cuddled all the time.

We hired a nanny to come to the house while I am at work. So far it seems to be going well. Although I miss being with my baby, I have to admit - it's a nice break to be around adults and focus on something other than diapers and boobs. And it's only a few hours a week, so it's a good balance.

Kevin is the designated bath giver. Although I help hold the arms, he does all the cleaning. Charlie wasn't too sure about the whole bath thing at first, but now he loves his spa time. There have been a couple of times he's gotten so relaxed, he pooped in the towel on his way to being dressed. Such a stinker!

He's not peeing on dad as much these days, either. He has actually been able to get in a few diaper changes without getting whizzed on.

Lastly, I bought myself a nice new fancy camera. I'm still not really sure how to use all the cool features yet, but I think once I learn how to do all the cool stuff that fancy cameras can do, I'll be taking better pictures. And no more ugly purple line down the side! YES!