Friday, February 24

Cold Bug

Even when he's sick, he's still such a sweetie.
Charlie is sick. I'm not sure what he has, but it is typical for this time of year. He has the saddest cough and is congested with boogs. Thankfully, no fever yet. Even though he isn't feeling well, he has been a real trooper.

We have had the best week together. I went grocery shopping with him and to my terror, he woke up right when we walked in the door. BUT, to my delight, he didn't cry or fuss the entire time! He just looked around, sucked his fingers and smiled at strangers.

I'm in the process of trying to start a routine for him, now that he is getting older (super sad face). We wake up between 6 and 8 - depending how much sleep we got the night before. Then we play together for a bit while he works out some poops, followed by some tummy time. I still think I'm doing something wrong with the tummy time because he hates it and isn't interested in the "baby push up's" like his development chart says he should be. Maybe he's just not there yet. Anyway, then it's time to eat. Right now he only eats about 4-5 ounces each feeding, and less if he's breast feeding. I'm trying not to fret too much, but I do feel a bit inept with my current supply. I'm lucky to get 3 oz. from both boobs, and that's only if he hasn't eaten and I haven't pumped for 4 or more hours. I pump on a consistent schedule of every three hours which you would think would increase my supply...but nay.

Anyway, after he's fed, he takes a quick nap while I work on stuff. Since I'm working from home during the week, this is the perfect time to catch up on emails and get some breakfast. When Charlie wakes up, we play some more. Diaper change. Eat. Then he swings for a while while I do some chores. I even made a weekly chore chart to make things easier and more manageable. Then a quick diaper change, some play time, another feeding and another nap. So far, I haven't had a chance to do this next part, but eventually I hope to incorporate it into my plan: Time to get dinner started. Then Charlie is up after dinner, gets to hang out with dad, and gets his bath. The hope here being he sleeps soundly through the night.

The last couple of nights, though, Charlie has been sick. It breaks my heart to hear his fragile little longs rasping. He coughs to the point it makes him gag, so if he's just eaten, he's likely to spit up. So for now, I have him sleeping in his swing and night as he's less likely to choke. I k ow I'm being a worry wart and probably overly cautious, but A) I'm a new mom and B) I just lost a baby which I never thought would happen to me.

I'm going to call his pediatrician today - which of course I will preface with "I know there's probably nothing I can do right now, but..." - just to see if she needs to see him. Better safe than sorry. I just hope it starts to get better before it gets worse. Even though he is being brave, I hate to see him sick.

In other news, it seems he has stopped scratching his face! I'm glad, because he has outgrown most of his Jammie's with the hand covers.

Speaking of growing, I used the very last newborn size diaper on his buns last week. It was a sad day. I probably would've kept it if it wasn't full of green poop.

So, my baby boy is growing. And fast. I'm doing my best to cherish the moments because I'm fully aware of how quickly he's changing.

Tuesday, February 7

Nom Nom

Charlie has made a fascinating new discovery: His hands. He can't get enough of them. You'd think they tasted like chocolate pudding pops the way he sucks on them. Occasionally, he'll figure out how to get just the thumb in there, but more often than not, it's the full fist - or at least as much as he can cram into his mouth.

I'm somewhat surprised he hasn't taken to his binky more than he has. Not that I'm complaining. Hopefully, he'll be like his mom and won't need braces when he gets older. Not being a thumb sucker should help with that.

His hair is growing more and more, but let's be's still just a bunch of peach fuzz. He has a couple of little red marks on the back of his head that look like tiny bug bites, but it's from rubbing on everything while he's laying down all the time. It should go away when he gets older and can support his own head more.

For the last 3 days, Charlie has been such a stinker. He rarely sleeps and when he does, it's for a few minutes here and there. Sometimes, he will be fast asleep and suddenly, he'll take a deep breath and just start screaming inconsolably for what seems like forever. The doctor did warn me that the two month mark is the peak of fussiness, but I wasn't prepared for this. Kevin always says it's a good thing babies are so cute. It ensures their survival. Ha ha.

I love my new camera. Love, love love it. I wish I knew more about fancy photography, because it's capable of so much more than I know what to use it for. But even with the generic settings, it takes great pictures.

My parents came to visit over the weekend. Charlie loves his grandma and grandpa! During one of his screaming fits, my mom took him from me and the instant she took him, bam. No more tears. It was like some kind of grandma magic.

Charlie can do so many things already. He listens when I talk to him, smiles when I sing, and seems to know the difference between mom and dad. Kevin always jokes that Charlie hates him because he tends to fuss when he's holding him, but that's because I always have him holding him while I'm busy doing other things like making a bottle or something. So it's not his fault - he just gets him at the fussiest times. Charlie loves his daddy. Kevin keeps trying to play with him and is just barely starting to "get it". It's just a matter of time before mom takes a back seat to the boys club!

Friday, February 3

2 Month Photos

Charlie and I hung out at home today. In between feedings, fusses and diaper changes, he gave me a good 15 minutes of photo time.

Since he's already just about doubled his birth weight, you can see the chub starting to build.

This was Charlie's first bath, the night after we brought him
home from the hospital.

And he is Charlie getting his bath last week, at 2 months. Same
tub. Same baby. Just a much bigger version.

Something is stinky...Charlie just pooped before this picture.

Love these! Sock shoes. The fashion of shoes without the threat
of falling off.

My little English gentleman.

Another C.G. ear shot.