Sunday, May 20

We Be Movin'

Charlie had his most recent set of shots on Friday. He's had two sets of shots before now with little to no side effects but this time, he's been miserable. He had a fever of 102 degrees that night and has been fighting it off ever since. Even though he obviouly feels terrible, he's a good sport.

Kevin spent some time vacuuming this afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the clean floor to let Charlie spread out and roll around. While on his tummy, he started doing some jerking and kicking around and made his very first crawl movement. He's still a ways from actually crawling, but he is definitely moving in that direction (ha, pun).

He has been extra snuggly this week, letting me hold and cradle him while we rock in the chair. He is gaining interest in his books and loves story time. He's also more aware of his surroundings when we take walks and car rides.

I guess it didn't occur to me until recently that he's not really around new people very often. He's been held by a couple of strangers in the last week or so and let's just say he didn't exactly love it. Not that I want him to be a mama's boy or anything, but it's kind of sweet to be the one to comfort him.

His latest accomplishment is that he is now able to sit unassisted for about ten seconds before toppling over. And, he is finally interested in peek-a-boo. His doctor said it's a bit early for him to be interested in that so I guess it just shows what a genius he is.

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