Monday, November 14

I'm sitting at home watching Sex and the City, waiting for 12:00 to roll around so I can start working. If I try to get out of my comfy reclining chair, my belly tightens immediately and doesn't stop until I'm sitting down again.

The weekend was nice, though. We did a little bit of shopping on Friday - including new glasses for Kevin and I - then spent the rest of the long weekend solving mysteries on the Wii.

I went through baby clothes last night and picked a couple new outfits for the hospital, just in case I change my mind. We also got the car seat bases installed in the van and the car seats clipped in. It took a little reading along with trial and error, but we got it figured out eventually. Clip in seats are so cool. I'm especially grateful to have them with two little babies; it would be a huge pain to have to deal with the in's and out's of regular car seats anytime we went anywhere.

I made it past the 11/11/11 hump in the hospital. Now if I do go into labor, I don't have to worry as much about having to sleep on a cot in the janitors closet because there are no beds or nurses available.

My oldest nephew turned 17 yesterday which made me start to think about how the last two decades have flown by. I vividly remember him as a newborn, then at 6 months, a year, 5 years...It's reminding me to cherish the moments because they are gone before you know it.

Well, one of the babies just kicked the laptop so I guess that's my cue: Time to close up shop for the day. Can't wait for my mid-afternoon nap!

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