Thursday, November 3

Change Your Life in Just Two Weeks!

We had a really good appointment last night. Although we didn't do any measurements this time, both babies hearts are still beating strong and they're right on track.

I complained to my doctor about what a horrible experience I had with the NST scan. He didn't exactly comfort me (you went on a Friday night at 6:00 right after a shift change??), but at least we talked about it and he said I don't have to go back but if something doesn't feel right or I haven't felt the babies move to go in and get checked out. So that's great!

We also set a date! If these kids aren't here before November 18th, they'll be forced into the world that day. That will be right between 37 and 38 weeks. Unfortunately, baby A is still breech so unless by some miracle he finally flips around, we'll be having a c-section at 12:00. So in just two weeks, I'm going to finally be able to see my little boys! It seems so surreal, but I'm so excited.

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