Sunday, October 9

Baby Shower, Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, my BFF Megan hosted a baby shower for me and my friends. It was so much fun! We played a few games, I got to see some friends I haven't seen in way too long, and I was given some super awesome gifts! Megan took some pictures of the day. Enjoy!

Check out the cute sign! She MADE it! I love the little owls.

Guess who won the bottle on the right? Me. That's who. And I'm
not exactly sure what they were, but they were delicious. Emilee
won the Tootsie Rolls.

Back to Front: Cherise, Ellie, Angel, Jenn and Steph.

One of the games we played: Everyone tore off a piece of toilet
paper to wrap around my belly to guess what size they thought
I was. Everyone guessed way more than I actually was, except
Steph and Emilee. Both of them were right on the money!

This was the gift tag on the bag from Megan. I loved the addition
of the "S". He he.

This is Megan and I behind the adorable diaper cake she made
(larger picture below). Pay no attention to how swollen I am here.

Handmade card from Ellie! I have it displayed on my desk at work
because I think it's just to cute not to keep looking at it. My friends

Here I am with Cherise and Ellie. You know what's funny? My
face is so swollen, my eyes are almost shut in all of my pictures!
These two also brought diapers for the raffle game. Cherise ended
up as the winner. Hope she enjoys her free dinner!

Left to right: Hillary, Steph and Jenn. I really like this picture of
my friends. It looks a bit like a magazine ad for something...and
it doesn't hurt that they're all babelicious. So lucky to have friends
like them!

Steph and I, being a bit precocious. Two of my fingers were numb
in this picture. Weird.

Delicious punch! I remember it had Sprite, lemon juice and lots
of berries and bananas, but I don't remember the recipe. Just that
Megan is incredible.

Here I am with Jenn. She brought me 3 BOXES of clothes which
I had lots of fun going through. Baby clothes are adorable, as was
Jenn's little girl (she played at the park while we played our games).
Here's another shot of that beautiful punch Megan
made. It's hard to describe how yummy everything was.

The almost-too-cute-to-disassemble diaper cake
Megan made.

Me and Hillary. She is getting MARRIED in just a few days! So
excited for her. Not only because she's getting married, but because
she's getting married in Maui. As in Hawaii. So lucky.

Just in case you missed it. We're having
boys. 2 of them.

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