Monday, October 10


I finally took pictures of the nursery with the Frog and Toad pictures we got hung over the weekend. I LOVE them. Kevin is a genius. I probably shouldn't say that too often, though. It's starting to go to his head.

Remember these guys? They fit right into their new home.

I am totally taking credit for the ribbons, though. I thought that would add a nice "baby" touch to the pictures. Originally I was going to go with bows, but I ran out of ribbon so I just did a tie instead. Turned out better that way. Bows were apparently a little too girly for the boys.


Heidi said...

Oh, that is just so adorable. I love the frog and toad theme.

The Lane Family said...

This is so ADORABLE!! I love the theme!!! Being a mom of twins I will say get ready for full hands and an even Fuller heart!!!!