Friday, October 7

You Know What's Weird?

Things are starting to feel weird. My belly changes sizes and shapes every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Right now, for example, it looks like I swallowed a UFO. My belly doesn’t stick out too far, but the sides look wide and heavy. But when I woke up this morning, this same belly was poking out so much, I couldn’t find a maternity shirt to cover it.

Not only that, but the babies are getting bigger and so are their kicks, rolls and stretches. I sometimes can’t tell if they are stretching out and pushing against my skin making it feel hard, or if it’s a Braxton Hicks contraction.

I still have a big appetite, but can only eat small portions or I feel (as I often have over the last few weeks) like a whale. I ate a plum on my way to work this morning. It felt like I just finished a 16 oz. steak.

I’m starting to wonder how much longer I can handle being at work. My job is not physically, mentally or in any other way too demanding, but it does take some work to get ready in the morning and to find clothing appropriate for the workplace that doesn’t make me uncomfortable. Additionally, it would be nice to have some buffer time between working full time and delivering and bringing home the boys. On the other hand, it sure is nice to keep getting paid, especially with massive hospital bills coming our way.

Man, Utah is a pretty place.
By the way, it snowed yesterday. Seems a little early this year, but yet another reminder that life is moving forward – and quickly. I’m so ready to meet these little boys, but I so don’t feel ready for them to be here. We’ve done all the planning and prepping we can. We have just about everything we need. Yet I feel like I’m about to close my eyes and take a giant leap right off of a huge cliff, hoping my parachute will open and I’ll land safely.

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