Thursday, August 25

Someone's Flown Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I mentioned in my last post that I learned how to crochet. My mom was patient enough to pass down this art of yarn looping and knotting to me last weekend. Although I’m still no where near talented enough to make something as cute as this:

I was able to make this little blue bird:

He is supposed to be a part of a bird mobile that has a big momma bird sitting on a log and two little baby birds floating underneath. I liked the idea of the little baby birds, but the momma bird was too big and I didn’t like the log. So I decided to try and make a baby bird mobile by myself for the crib! Huge undertaking? Maybe. Will I end up finishing it? Maybe not. All I know is I have acquired a new skill, one of which I hope I don’t forget how to do  (like I did with learning to knit).
Kevin made a wonderful suggestion for the nursery design last night. He suggested getting pictures of the book covers for the Frog and Toad books and enlarging them, then putting them in some nice frames for wall d├ęcor. Love it! I know he’s not too keen on having more browns/greens in the house since we have a lot of those colors already, but hopefully he’ll like the vision I have in mind.

I am usually a pretty easy going person. I tend to be pretty reasonable. However, I feel as though my normal pleasant personality has gone out the window in the last month. A few examples of what I’m talking about…

Exhibit A: My desk sits right underneath an A/C vent. It runs most of the day, especially during the hot summer months. It may have a screw or two lose because when it’s running, it rattles. A lot. It has NEVER bothered me until the last 3 weeks. Now all I hear is that stupid rattling. I turn on the heater under my desk just to mask the sound. It drives me bonkers!
 Exhibit B: Yesterday, I waited in line for 25 minutes at Walgreen’s  for this ONE lady to check out. She had her 5” 3 ring binder full of coupons and was going through, page by page, picking out the coupons, then the cashier would look at them and say she couldn’t use them for whatever reason. OMG! After waiting for 10 minutes, I finally asked her if there someone else who could ring me up. I literally had ONE ITEM. I just wanted some ice cream. That’s all. She said the other cashier was at lunch and wouldn’t be back for another 20 minutes. Seriously. Then, she finally gets done with her transaction, and she starts telling the cashier to start taking things off because the coupons didn’t work for those items so she doesn’t want them anymore. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Normally I would have put the ice cream back and headed up to 7-11 for a slurpee instead. But no. I had to have my pregnancy ice cream.

Once she was done and got her receipt, the cashier told her she saved $4.47. I could have strangled her with her grocery bag. Bye bye, patience.

Exhibit C: Ok, so have you ever worn a lotion that smelled really good in the bottle, but then you wore it and the smell drove you nuts ALL day because it was too stinky, or smelled different than it was supposed to? I totally had that happen today. I made the mistake of first spraying on some body spray, but then forgot I had done it, and put on some smelly lotion. As soon as I rubbed it on my arms, I realized it was a mistake. Stink city. But I didn’t have time to wash it off or anything. So I thought maybe I could handle it. It has been driving me absolutely crazy all morning. So I went into the bathroom and took a sink bath on my arms, trying to scrub the stink smell off my arms with paper towels and water. It didn’t work!!!! I tried again a little while later, then rubbed some other lotion on thinking it would mask the smell, but that just made it even worse. So now I have these three very uncoordinated smells and I know I stink but I can’t get rid of the smell without taking a shower, probably. EWE. Pregnancy smells are a curse.

You see? I’m positively batty! I’ve lost my bananas! I have no patience or tolerance for anything anymore. So here is my apology to everyone I know and those I don’t. Sorry for being crazy. I’m hoping it’s only temporary.

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