Tuesday, August 30

Things that Happened This Week

I do believe I had my first contractions. I was running around like crazy all weekend with Kevin trying to whittle away at our long to-do list and probably over did it. You know how everyone always tells you to drive safe right before you get ready to leave somewhere, and even though they say that, it probably doesn’t really affect how you’d drive either way? Well, people have been telling me to “take it easy” for weeks now. Did I listen? Nope, I just kept on going with stuff that had to get done. I mean, let’s face it: Just because you get pregnant, life doesn’t really let you just stand still and relax until the baby (or in this case, babies) comes.

I decided it would be a good idea to stay home from work on Monday and really rest and relax to make up for the hectic weekend and I don’t regret the decision at all. I was able to get one of my many craft projects done AND was able to sit all day, keeping my poor swollen feet/legs propped up to help with circulation and I drank so much water my pee was crystal clear. Woohoo!

"Hey, Toad! Want to get loaded on wacky tobacky and make
some crazy cool liquor this weekend? Then we can go fly kites!
Don't worry, if anything crazy happens, I know how to survive
in the wilderness."
I’ve been searching for the Frog and Toad book series to add to the nursery. I’m trying to get them relatively soon so we’ll have time to get the pictures ready. We found some cool frames at the D.I. over the weekend that we plan to spray paint a cream color so they’ll stand out from the darker walls.

While searching for the books on Ebay, I saw the “recommended products” near the bottom of the screen:
  • Hookah Pipes
  • Moonshine Recipes and Kits
  • Wilderness Survival Kits
What in the world do these items have to do with these CHILDREN’S BOOKS? I do remember Frog being a little “chilled out”, but not to the extent of smoking the jonga and making booze in granny’s tub.

BRING ME FOOD. Oh, and don't forget my Hookah
pipe on the right.
In other news, I attended a baby shower over the weekend. When asked how far along I was, it was the first time in my entire pregnancy that I honestly didn’t know. The 20 something’s are starting to meld together, and I just couldn’t remember where I was at. All I knew was I was more than 24 weeks, and that’s what I said. People looked at me like I had three heads. What kind of pregnant lady doesn’t know TO THE DAY how far along they are? Well, me apparently. It probably didn’t help that I was starving and trying to politely eat my cute baby shower refreshments like a lady, when I really wanted to just shove everything in my mouth with a shovel and swallow because I was so hungry.

I was able to find a few cute things at the D.I. to add to my growing (literally) maternity wardrobe. Dresses and polyester are my BFF’s these days. I wish my skin had as much give as these polyester pants I’ve been wearing. If only my belly would snap back into place like they do! Ah, wishful thinking.

Sadly, I am not feeling babies kick as much now. But on the bright side, they seem to be setting up a routine so I know when and where to expect them. I think their 3 bedroom furnished condos are starting to turn into crowded studio apartments. I’m so glad they are growing! I feel pretty darn blessed to have gotten this far with relatively no complications or (severe) pain and discomfort.

The third trimester is just around the corner and there seems to be this ever so faint light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to bring these little babies home and smooch their little lips!


The Lane Family said...

Your blog is so fun to read!!! I remember being pregnant with the twins and once I hit the mid 20's I was just so happy to be there and hungry and so many other things that I could not remember either it is all good!!!

The book recommendations are hiliarious!! as is the picture you picked!!

I LOVED DI when I was pregnant with the twins I was just sorry that I could not find a circus tent at times to just fit everything :)

I hope the contractions slow down and remember to take it easy!!

Elisa said...

The D.I. is slim pickins, but I've been able to find at least one thing every time I've gone. It takes some serious dedication and a little extra time, but totally worth the savings. I only spent $12 and I got 3 different outfits.

Thankfully no more contractions yet. My job is pretty easy, so at least I don't have to worry about anything too strenuous during the week. I just have to remember to not overdo it at home.

Thanks for reading my blog! It makes me feel happy to know other people care about my silly stories, and that they've been there, too.