Thursday, August 18

Nursery Theme

I’ve decided on a theme for the nursery. I was having a hard time picturing what the “theme” was going to be, so I started thinking about all my favorite children’s books. There are a few obvious favorites such as Goodnight, Moon, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and pretty much anything by Dr. Seuss.  But as I dug deeper into my memory, I remembered the book series Frog and Toad. I thought this would be a great choice for theme because
a)      I love frogs
b)      I am having two boys
c)       It wasn’t too “baby” (i.e. yellow rubber duckies, cartoonish turtles, ABC blocks, etc)
So, I’ve decided to use the color palette from the books as inspiration and I’m going with that. Therefore, it will be kind of a rustic, “old” look with lots of browns, greens, beige and little splashes of baby blue.
The characters themselves, Frog and Toad that is, are quite interesting as well. I wanted to incorporate them into the scheme not only because they’re fun, but because the books are bit nostalgic for both Kevin and I. I requested a custom order for a couple of stuffed frogs from The Moxie Owl store as they were already selling stuffed frogs and owls (which are SO adorable, btw) and asked them if they could do a Frog and Toad for me. They were happy to oblige and within just a few days, these precious darlings showed up at my door:
Frog is on the left. That's Toad on the right. Love the
sleepy eyes!
As soon as I took them out of the box, I knew they were perfect. The colors are great, the style is fun but not too “baby” and every time I look at them, they make me smile.


Penelope Red said...

Hooray! The frog and toad did indeed turn out very very cute! Thanks for the plug, Elisa.

The Lane Family said...

Your mom works with My sister Ruthan at the infusion center in IF. They told me to check out your blog because I have 3 year old twin girls and a 5 year old. These are my living kids and they were all in-vitro.

This them is so darn cute!! You are a great blog writer.

I have a private blog but if you want to check it out just send me a message to

Elisa said...

Thanks! I'm pretty excited...these are my first - and only. In vitro was definitely hard, but I'm amazed at how far science and technology have come to allow for such miracles.

I'd love to check out your blog, I'll send you a request shortly!