Wednesday, August 17

We Just Might Make it, Cap'n!

This is how I feel. Triumphant. *Disclaimer: This is not a picture of me.
She kind of reminds me of the girlfriend from 3rd Rock from the Sun, non?
Today is a big day. It’s kind of like the day you FINALLY get asked to go to the Prom when you’ve been waiting for weeks, or even months to be asked. At the time, you’re still just amazed you were asked and aren’t too concerned – yet – about whether or not you like your date or if you’ll have a good time. Yeah. That’s kind of like today.
Today I am 24 weeks pregnant. Why is this so important? Well, if the babies are born from this point forward, the hospital will consider it a “viable pregnancy”, which means they have a fairly good chance of survival and they’ll do everything they possibly can to keep these babes alive. Having said that, I hope my little buns keep roasting in this oven for at least another 2 months.
We did some pretty cool stuff over the last few days.

It only took me 5 hours to
complete. Whoduthinkit?
  1)   We finally got some nursery furniture. We now have one usable non-drop side crib, two non-usable drop side cribs, a large 6 drawer dresser, a cradle and a rocking chair with ottoman. The two non-usable cribs are a disappointment, as they were both given to us, but it looks like they just won’t work for babies.
  2)   I finished one of the baby blankets/quilts. I originally started working on a piece quilt with fancy designs and patterns, but quickly realized I don’t have the time nor the patience for such things right now. I might be able to finish one before November, but not two. And that just wouldn’t be fair to the poor boys.
  3)   I might have broken a blood vessel or perhaps damaged a nerve in my right foot. I have a large red welt on the inside of my foot and when it first appeared, it itched like CRAZY. After that, it became an ugly red blotch that tingles when I apply pressure. So, needless to say, I try not to apply pressure. My toes look like hot dogs and I only have one pair of shoes that fit comfortably. I guess this isn’t so much a “cool stuff I did” thing, but worth noting nonetheless.
Pregnant Puffy Foot reporting for duty, sir!
4)   I was able to sleep through the night without having to get up AT ALL to pee!
5)   I ordered myself a Snoogle. Dumb name, yes, but after tossing and turning like crazy in bed and waking up with horrific headaches from lack of support, I don’t care if they call it a Cleveland Steamer; I just want to actually “rest” while I’m sleeping.
6)   I (sort of) finished my registry. I consolidated them into one site and removed all the duplicates. I also shopped around for who had the lowest prices on what so if/when I do receive gifts, I’ve made sure my ever-so-generous donors get the best deal. See the link over there on the left? You can check it out by clicking “Visit My Registry!” Leave a comment if you think there are things I should register for that aren’t on there.
7)   I painted my toes. They probably look like a 4 year old painted them with a 3” paintbrush if you look at them up close, but from where I stand (and when I bend over far enough to see them), they look pretty.

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Penelope Red said...

Hahahaha, I read "Pregnant Puffy Foot reporting for Duty, Sir!" 4 times, laughing to myself at my desk whilst imagining your voice doing an english accent for some reason. aahhh, funny.