Monday, August 22

Here I Am

I've been posting a lot of pictures of people who aren't me. I decided I should post one that was actually me.

My mom took this yesterday before I left her house. I am 24 weeks and 4 days here. Apparently, still pretty small for a twin pregnancy. The doctor said I am measuring at about 30 weeks for a singleton pregnancy. So, I guess at that rate, I will be looking full term in about a month. Awesome!

You probably aren't over-analyzing this picture like I am, but how about that puffy face? Ugh. This edema crap is SO AWESOME (insert sarcasm font here). But really. I can totally see my pregnancy glow. Or maybe that was just the sweat dripping from my brow. Meh.

How far along: 24 weeks, 5 days
Weight gain/loss:  2 lbs.
Maternity clothes:  My usual wardrobe is continuously shrinking. The shirt shown in the picture above, for example, will soon no longer fit over my belly. I ordered a support belt to hopefully help with my back aches. Should be arriving any day.
Stretch marks: Still none...but dreamt I had one long one that started at my boob and ended at my lady place.  Hoping I don't get any that look like that! My mom gave me some wheat germ oil that is suppoesd to help with the skins natural elasticity. Not sure if it works, but worth a shot, right?
Sleep: Back to peeing during the night. I can keep it at bay if I drink NOTHING after 6 p.m., but then I wake up feeling like I just swallowed a bucket of sand and had a flour chaser. The bump is starting to ache if I don't support it whilst sleeping. I use a little tootsie roll shaped pillow for this purpose, at least until my noodle pillow gets here.
Best moment this week:  Visiting my family!
Food cravings: I guess I really wanted a cinnamon roll last week. And I got it. And it was good, but it did not have enough cinnamon. I'm going to have to have another one soon.
Gender:  Same as last week...still boys
Belly button in or out?  Not out yet. Maybe I'll be like Lindy and it will just disappear and flatten out? I'm excited to find out.
Movement:  The kicks are getting much harder and seem to be more intentional. "Oh, hey mom, you say you want to relax after dinner? Hmm, me thinks not!" I quite enjoy their fury, though. Makes me feel confident they are growing and safe.
What I miss:  Not being out of breath all the time. It's hard to carry a conversation with anyone for more than 30 seconds without sounding like I just raced against Armstrong for the gold.
What I'm looking forward to: My baby showers!
Milestones:  My mom felt Baby A kicking, I learned how to crochet, babies are still measuring right on track and appear to be practically perfect in every way. Just like their momma!


Joni said...

You look so beautiful! I can't tell you how happy I am for you. Just for what it's worth... my belly button never stuck out, just got flat. And I only had two tiny stretch marks until I gave birth. After my stomach shrank (though, not enough) I found a TON! I'm going to get some of the Mederma stretch mark cream and see if that helps.

Enjoy the kicks and being out of breath, as silly as it sounds. I love having my baby to hold, but sometimes I miss carrying her in my belly.

The Lane Family said...

You look Awesome!!! When I was at that stage I looked like an overinflated whale :)