Friday, July 29

Weekly Info

I realized I have been following this woman's blog, but I don't remember signing up for it. It must have been one of those "in passing" decisions I forgot all about. Anyway, I got caught up on her most recent posts and was excited to discover (or perhaps re-discover?) that we are due around the same time. I also have two friends who are expecting right now, too (congrats, Raquel and Laura!).

Anyway, this blog had a really cool pregnancy journaling thing that I quite like. Mostly because I've talked about all of these things already, but it will be nice to one day come back and read about what I was experiencing and when in an easier to read format. So I'll be posting this once a week along with my belly pic - for the sake of posterity.

How far along: 21 weeks, 2 days
Weight gain/loss:  So far, 22 lbs (from the beginning) and 2 lbs (since last week)
Maternity clothes:  I dread wearing pants. It's not so much of a problem on the weekends when I can wear comfy's or jeans, but work pants? Fuggetaboutit. Lots of dresses and skirts, and just invested in some belly bands - loving these!
Stretch marks: None yet, but I have noticed some icky blue veins sprouting on my sides.
Sleep: Not too bad - yet. I wake up at least once a night to pee. I roll into Kevin if I don't have something like a pillow or blankets smooshed behind me.
Best moment this week:  Seeing the boys on the ultrasound with Emilee!
Food cravings: None that I've noticed, but things that are watery like fruit or popsicles tend to get my taste buds going. I can't get enough water these days!
Gender:  Two little boys, lucky us!
Belly button in or out?  Still, in, but definitely shallow.
Movement:  Lots! Baby A likes to stretch out and kick my bladder giving me sudden urges to pee. Baby B tends to be more relaxed, but I have felt him jab me in the ribs a few times.
What I miss:  Clothes that fit. I have invested in a few pieces that I'll be able to wear during and after pregnancy, but I miss my larger wardrobe selection.
What I'm looking forward to: Visiting my mom in a few weeks. She's been working on the babies' afghans, and I'm excited to see them.
Milestones:  Lots more movement, Emilee seeing the "aliens", baby A is head down


Pam said...

Love the reference... this womans blog. :) haha

Glad you came by to read, and congrats on 21 weeks! You are for sure more than half way since you have twins! :)

Raquel said...

I am stealing this journal idea! And I feel special to get a mention on your blog! :) I love reading your posts by the way. I can sympathize with some of your situations as well! You are almost there though! Your boys will be so adorable!