Monday, August 1

Happy Days

I’m feeling really happy today. I was getting caught up on all of my “internetting” (Facebook, blogs, etc) while drinking some apple juice, all while feeling the babies kick away. I’m totally going to chalk it up to the hormones, but I have such a sense of excitement and peace right now.
We picked up a crib this weekend that a co-worker of mine generously donated to us. It’s sitting in our hallway right now because we don’t have anywhere to put it yet. But just looking at it makes me happy. It’s tangible proof that these little boys are going to be here pretty soon.
I visited with my dad and step mom on Saturday. My step mom’s cousin made me a couple of baby blankets that are pretty cute. They also gave me a two photo albums which will definitely come in handy when it’s time to start putting all of this pregnancy, birth and baby stuff together for them.
My oldest step-daughter bought me some bad-ass tattoos at the Chinese buffet Friday night. She picked up one for each of the babies and we put them on my belly. All I need now is a frosty 40, some Marlboro lights and a pair of cut off jeans and I’m set!
We tried using the flashlight to encourage some movement yesterday morning. It didn’t work very well. However, Emilee was able to feel a couple of kicks last night after dinner. I used Riley’s stethoscope to see if I could hear any heartbeats. I know it was a long shot. I could hear a very, very, very faint thump thump around where Baby A is, but couldn’t hear a darn thing except a gas bubble or two where Baby B is.

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