Tuesday, July 12

Let the Emotions Flow

It's getting harder to breath now. I can't eat too much otherwise I get light headed because I can't catch my breath. This hasn't stopped me from eating, though. I'm so hungry ALL THE TIME. Between yesterday and today, I've eaten an entire bag of grapes - and those are just my snacks. It's difficult to stay on track with healthy foods. I've now gained about 19 pounds since I first got pregnant. Eek.

My belly button is slowly disappearing. It's kinda fun to watch it start protruding. I saw a woman at the store yesterday who had to have been ready to pop at any second...she totally had the poke-out belly button going on. AND she was wearing heels. AND she had two toddlers in her cart already. AND her husband/boyfriend/partner/personal assistant (I probably shouldn't assume the relation) looked like a hipster. But I didn't hold that one against her. My heart went out to her. It made me grateful that I won't need to worry about taking care of other young kids while trying to sort out how to take care of these little ones.

We have another ultrasound tomorrow. I'm still nervous about the gestational diabetes test. I haven't read any of my pregnancy books in the last few weeks. I think subconsciously it's because I'm afraid to hear about all the things that could go wrong at this point. Next week will be a big milestone - halfway - and now that I've passed the scary first trimester worries, I'm nervous to hear about the potential problems forthwith.

You know what's funny about being pregnant? You get pitied all the time. See? I even did it to the lady at the store with the hipster. I may have my moments of aches, pains and other discomforts, but I'm SO EXCITED and HAPPY to be pregnant! I know it's going to destroy my body. I know I'll probably never be able to eat saltine crackers or peppermint again (not a big loss, really). I know my life will forever be changed with this event. But I love it! It's pretty much what I've wanted and have been looking forward to most of my life, so the fact that it's finally happening and that it is, in and of itself, a miracle - I couldn't be more jubilant. I am so blessed to be squishing my DNA with that of my totally awesome husband and making some little goobers. I even get an added bonus of having two at once. I love that our families are so supportive.

So, no need for pity! And just as a side note to everyone who keeps telling me how huge I am going to be...I know.


Jess said...

I was excited to find you on babycenter! I'm from American fork utah and I'm just a few weeks behind you. I love the blog and think you look fabulous.

Elisa said...

Thank you so much! It's always good to hear from other Utahn's, especially when they're giving compliments! :)