Thursday, July 7

Aliens - Proof!

As I've mentioned, we had our anatomy scan last Friday. They gave us some new ultrasound pictures of a few of the parts and pieces. We were able to get a really good profile of Baby B:

...but Baby A would not turn around for us:

We did get some cool pictures of his hand and leg, though:

I am finally able to wear the super cute red dress I got from my sister in law. I realized after I got to work, though, that's it's a little short. I think next time I'll wear some leggings with it so I don't feel like preggy mcslutty pants.

I can feel the babies doing acrobatics now. It doesn't feel the same as the kicks I've felt already, but more like someone is drawing circles inside my belly. It's pretty cool.

I refilled my Phenegran and am feeling good again! Oddly enough, I'm peeing more now, too. I didn't have hardly any increase during my first trimester, even though everything I read said I should be. But now, I get up around 1:00 a.m. for my nightly pee. I don't mind it, not yet anyway. It could get annoying if it increases more than once, though.

My visiting teachers came to visit me last night and brought chocolate covered strawberries for a b-day present. So awesome! I also found out that the Relief Society president also has a set of twins herself, and there are about 3 or 4 other couples in our neighborhood with twins. They were so nice and were already offering to help out when the babies come, bringing dinners and helping out with the babies.

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Raquel said...

So cute! I can't believe those 2 babies are inside your belly! You don't even look like you are carrying twins! I'm really excited for you!