Monday, June 13

See Ya Later, Malnutrition!

Last week, I was still having some of the worst morning sickness I’ve had. I felt like being sick was all I ever talked about. I was starting to forget what “normal” felt like. On Thursday, I was already an hour late to work because I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom. I decided it was time to call the doctor.
Apparently, my doctor delivers babies on Thursdays. I started to panic when the nurse told me this, but as soon as I told her my situation, she said she’d send a message to the doctor and get me a new prescription. I’ve been taking Zofran for over a month with hit and miss results. I stopped taking it altogether a couple of weeks ago because the migraine headaches it caused wasn’t worth the chance it might subdue my nausea for a couple of hours. Anyway, a few hours later the nurse called and told me she had called in a prescription for Phenegran. Oddly enough, this medication is an antihistamine. But one of the side effects is curbing nausea. Who knew?
I’ve been taking these little white wonders since Friday. WOW! I can actually eat real food! I ate French toast on Sunday morning (with homemade syrup, BTW!) and fancy mac and cheese Sunday night. Yum yum yum. If I take a whole pill, they make me VERY tired. But if I split them in half: Magic. Fluids are still difficult, but I haven’t been able to get enough lemonade lately. I hate lemonade! But I can chug it as much as I want with no gagging or vomiting. Ta da! Oh, that reminds me…sucking on Lemon Head candies has helped, too. I don’t like eating too many, though, because they leave big sores on my tongue from all the citric acid.
So there you have it! I’m not saying it’s over yet, but I am confident enough to say that I’m feeling better. My bump is like a hard bloated melon just sitting on my belly. I love it! None of my pants fit anymore. I’ve even outgrown some of the maternity pants I have. I haven’t gained anymore weight yet. I think I lost in other places and gained in the belly. I fully expect to start gaining steadily now, though. Thank heavens I can eat again!

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