Tuesday, June 7

No More Nachos

I was brave last night. Too brave. I had been feeling “OK” all day and decided to test the waters. I ate queso dip for dinner. As in hot, spicy nacho cheese and peppers dip. With tortilla chips. Nachos + sensitive stomach = toilet hugging pregnant lady.
I have been eating a lot of fruit lately. Most of my meals these days consist of strawberries, cantaloupe, yogurt, jello, cherries and apple juice. Occasionally I’ll throw in some cereal, but I don’t like to rock the boat. The fruit seems to have really helped with my digestion and it doesn’t make me sick. They also seem to be keeping me hydrated as I’m still having trouble keeping liquids down (STILL). Another fave treat is steamed milk with almond flavoring. It’s been tough to get all that calcium going so I’m chowing down some tootsie-roll-like supplements called Viactiv. Yum!
I took another picture this morning. Here are the twins at 14 weeks. They are growing like weeds!
One day I'll figure out how to get these carn sarnid pictures
to show up verticle.
We’ll be going to our appointment a week from tomorrow to hopefully – fingers crossed – find out the genders. Since we’re having a family BBQ on July 1st, I thought that would be a good time to make the announcement to everyone. Originally I wanted to be surprised as well, but my darling beau just couldn’t stand the thought of having to wait to find out with everyone else. So, we’ll find out at the appointment, then I’m going to bake two round cakes. One will be the color of one gender, and likewise for the second. I’ll stack and frost them with white frosting so the inside stays a secret, then when we’re ready for dessert at the BBQ, I’ll have the girls cut into it to find out what’s inside. I know, I know. Not the most unique idea out there, but I like it and I think it will be fun. Unfortunately, my parents have to work that weekend and since they live in Idaho, it won’t be feasible for them to be there. But we’ll try getting them on Skype and if THAT’S not an option, I’ll send them a video right after. Then they can still be surprised, just on a short time delay.

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Pam said...

Saw your link over on babycenter...just thought I would stop over and say HI and congrats. I'm eating a TON of fruit right now too... :)