Tuesday, May 31

Peas in a Pod

13 weeks seemed like so far away just a couple of months ago. Yet, here we are. The end of May and I’m sporting a hefty “is she pregnant, or just getting fat?” bump, I can’t keep dinner (or breakfast!) down and I have yet to purchase or obtain any baby items.
I had a marvelous weekend visiting my brother and sister-in-law. She made me the cutest necklace from her store. She told me she thought of it as soon as she found out I was pregnant. So thoughtful! I love it. I’m wearing it today and I have a special hanging hook in my bathroom to keep it when I’m not wearing it.

I think my cat knows something is up. She stands at the bathroom door and meows incessantly when I’m throwing up. She doesn’t do this normally, only when I’m sick. And this morning? When she heard me “get sick” in the shower, she came running up to the side and pawed at the door like she wanted me to let her in. It was odd. And speaking of getting sick, I believe I am now undergoing the first trimester hormone peak. This could be a myth for all I know, but I read it can happen between weeks 11 and 14. UGH.
I wore my first maternity shirt to work today. I was finally brave enough to tell my boss about the pregnancy last Friday. I think she took the news ok, but she definitely seems worried. I’m glad I don’t have to try to hide it anymore, though.
We talked a lot about names this weekend. We found out one of our girl names was THE top name on my sister-in-laws list, so we took it off. But we still have a pretty good list; plenty to choose from. Now we just need to figure out the sex’s so we can proceed with the planning. We only have two weeks from tomorrow before the next appointment!

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Penelope Red said...

Hahaha, sorry! I feel so bad that I made you remove the name. I'm so glad you like the necklace. You're cat is so cute. She must know you need some comforting or something. Smart kitty. We miss you guys!