Monday, June 20

Brown and Bumpy

Keeping this secret is much easier than I thought it would be. I was sure I would be bursting at the seams waiting to tell anyone that would listen about our super cool news. But as it turns out, I’m perfectly content waiting until next Friday. I’m pretty bummed that my mom and step dad won’t be able to be there for the party, but I already have a plan to tell them on their own. Hopefully my plan works out.
I’ve been feeling more “fluttering” in the last week. It’s not consistent yet, but I’ve definitely noticed it here and there. Until recently, the feeling would make me feel even more nauseous but since I’ve been on my magic pills, I get to just enjoy the feeling.
I haven’t had any more crazy people try to “rub me” yet. Maybe some people think that growing a baby is similar to the magic held inside a genie’s lamp, so they rub the belly in hopes of their wishes coming true. I can see myself doing this to pregnant women when I get old and wrinkly. I can’t wait to just do things for fun to amuse myself and blame it on being old and senile, “not knowing any better”.  Ha ha ha, I’m laughing just thinking about it.
My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Do you want to know what I asked for from Kevin? I asked for a gift certificate for a cleaning service to come clean our house, spic and span before the babies come so I don’t have to. That’s reasonable, right?
I can feel my belly growing! There are a few times during the day where my sides will feel kind of crampy, almost as if they are creaking and groaning from being pulled. No stretch marks yet, though! I don’t expect to see any of those for at least another month, but that’s just wishful thinking.
I applied some fake tanner mousse this weekend. I am an extremely fair skinned person, but I believe in the importance of proper skin care including lots of sun screen. But, I also like a little color. So I found some advice from someone who suggested this brand, Fake Bake. I decided to try the mousse instead of the lotion because it is more subtle and isn’t quite as dark. I didn’t want to look like the newest member of Jersey Shore, so it was my best choice. I got all sloughed yesterday morning and applied where I could reach…which was almost everywhere, except my back. It has a tint to it immediately so you can see where you’ve applied, but most of the dark color goes away when you shower. They recommend wearing it overnight and showering in the morning, but I decided to just keep it on all day and shower later. I didn’t get to the showering later part until this morning, but it looks like it did a fine job. I have a little bit of color, but nothing outrageous that makes me look like I went swimming in a vat of wood stain. If you’re looking for a fake tanner with decent results, I would recommend trying it. I liked it.

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