Wednesday, June 22

AND Brownies?

Although I haven’t had any “cravings” yet, I’ve definitely been wanting ice cream. A lot. One time, I went to Arctic Circle with my step son and while there were many enticing flavors on the menu, I couldn’t find the one. I liked the idea of the fudge swirl with almond slivers, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted some brownies in there, too. I mean, come on. If you’re going to have ice cream, have some ice cream, right? Anyway, I placed my order at the drive up window:
“Hi there, can I please get a large peanut butter cup shake and a small [see? At least I ordered the small] fudge almond shake…but can I add some brownies to the fudge almond shake?”
“Um, ok so you want a large peanut butter cup shake, and the second shake was what again?”
“A fudge almond, but I’d like to add brownies. It’s ok if you charge me extra.”
Another pause.
“Ok, so you want a fudge almond shake, and brownies?”
At this point I was completely embarrassed, because they were probably expecting to see Big Bertha from the freak show circus roll up to the window when I paid. I simply replied, “Yep, you got it. And brownies.” to which they said, “ooookaay…” and gave me my total. It’s ok. I know it’s a lot to ask, but they were nice to indulge my wishes. By the way, it was one of the best shakes I’ve ever had and I didn’t even feel guilty about finishing THE WHOLE THING.

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Holly said...

That shake sounds a-mazing right now!! :)