Monday, May 16

Mother Nature at Work

This weekend, Kevin and I worked on revamping our yard. We have 5 gardens, all of which needed some serious TLC including lots of weeding, fertilizing, watering and tilling. You can imagine how much fun that could possibly be when you’re sick, your clothes are starting not to fit, you have paper-white skin which burns at the thought of sunshine and you aren’t supposed to strain yourself.
However, the two of us made a great team and really got the place looking nice. The grass is still in rough shape, but I think it will come around eventually. Kevin also tore out two huge (and dare I say hideous) rose bushes from one of the garden’s in the backyard. As he was doing this, I thought to myself, “I will definitely not name one of the children Rose.” Then my mind started wandering on a name tangent. When we watch movies, I like to watch the credits and scan the first names of everyone to see if anything sticks out for me. Last night, we watched “Little Fockers” (my critique? PASS). I was disappointed that almost all the names were normal, boring and lame. Although we still don’t know what combination of genders we have, I seem to feel pretty confident that there’s at least one boy in there.
My belly is getting more and more prominent. I did take a picture last week and have been meaning to post it. When I actually do it, I will post it here:

Until then, though, you can look at this picture of a 10 week old fetus. Hopefully you’re not grossed out. I think it’s so cool. By the way, I’ll be 11 weeks on Wednesday. Woohoo! First trimester is almost over!

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