Wednesday, May 11

10 Weeks

The babies are the size of kumquats today. I have never purchased nor eaten a kumquat, but I know what they are. However, I just happen to bring some large green grapes with me to work today. They are about the same size as a kumquat. So here’s how big the babies are this week:
My little grape babies
How’s the morning sickness? Oh, I’m glad you asked. TERRIBLE! I don’t understand why I try fooling myself into thinking it can’t get any worse every day, but it does and it has. The good news though? I stopped taking my progesterone shots and estrogen pills last Saturday. I think maybe that’s why my morning sickness has escalated like it has. These have been the worst three days with the exception of a grocery shopping trip Kevin and I took last Tuesday.

It’s getting harder to keep the secret at work. My bump is starting to show and I only have so many “flowy” tops. I’m also in the bathroom at least 2 or 3 times a day throwing up. It’s just a matter of time before someone finds out.
I read the babies have started kicking this week. They have defined fingers and toes now. I won’t be able to feel their kicks for another 8-10 weeks or so, but it’s pretty cool to hear, nonetheless. My next pre-natal appointment is scheduled for the 25th; two weeks from today. The doctor said he will look for gender, but it will probably still be difficult to tell. That’s ok. We’ve waited this long, what’s another four weeks?
I have been having a lot of unsettling dreams during the last week. The night before last, I dreamt there was a boy and a girl. The boy was developing quicker than the girl and the doctor didn’t think the girl would make it because he was taking over. Typical boys. Then last night, I dreamt it was two girls. Their names were Sophia and Lily originally, but then after seeing them I changed my mind and called them Sophie and Chloe. Also in said dream, Kevin didn’t know where one of them was, he thought maybe she was still at the hospital. Sophie was chubby and squatty and Chloe was tall and skinny with lots of dark hair. They both looked like they were a year old. Weird.
Anyway, I know these kinds of dreams are pretty common during pregnancy. I’m sure they will just get worse as my maternal instincts kick in and I become deathly afraid of everything that could potentially go wrong and/or hurt the babies.

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Karissa said...

HA! CRAZY! i actually have a friend that has twins and their names are Sophie and Lillian.