Wednesday, April 20


We went to our final appointment yesterday with the fertility clinic to have our viability ultrasound. It was a nervous drive.  Both Kevin and I had started to entertain the real possibility of triplets. It wasn’t something we really wanted to think about, but the reality of this potential situation was being more and more apparent.

We got there a few minutes early and entertained ourselves by playing some Boggle on my phone. The nurse called our name and we went back into the ultrasound room. The nurse started asking some questions, like when was my last period, etc. Then she told me I was almost 8 weeks. I thought this was odd because when they called us, my due date was December 8th. Now she was telling me it was December 5th. I asked her about it, then she asked if we did IUI or something. This was weird, because I’ve been going there for almost a year. It’s not like they have 30 nurses. I knew her. But I guess even nurses are human. I told her we had done IVF which made her realize she had the “wrong file”. Ugh. She went back to get my real file and then said the dates were back to what I originally thought. I am 7 weeks prego today. I guess Wednesday is my week mark instead of Thursday. Awesome.

The doc finally arrived and started the ultrasound. Almost immediately, we saw two large black holes on the screen. The doc said, “Oh, are you seeing what I’m seeing?” to which I replied, “Um, I see two things.” For whatever reason, call it mothers intuition, I was not surprised to see two. I actually think I expected it. But I was still fearful of seeing a third. He moved around a bit looking for any other sacs but finally decided it was just two. I don’t think Kevin had quite caught on yet, because his eyes got really big and he said, “Wait, so there are two in there? Two?” Ha ha ha. Poor husband. The doctor started asking us if that was good news. We both agreed it was MUCH better news than three.

He measured the size of the gestation sacs and the embryos then tracked the heartbeats. Both were very strong (Twin B was a bit stronger) and all is well in womb land. Doc told us twins usually come about a month early so we shouldn’t be surprised if they’re ready in November instead of December. I thought It would be cool if they were born on 11/11/11, because it’s already a cool date, but, the date itself is a “twin” with the double 1’s. They printed a copy of the ultrasound frame for us, we asked a few questions, then we were outta there.

Twin B is on the left, Twin A in the bigger sac on the right.

We won’t know for about 7 or 8 weeks what the genders are. I don’t really care, though. As long as they are healthy, I’ll take whatever I’m meant to have. Kevin is still in shock I think. I think we both knew it was twins but didn’t really want to admit it. I’m really happy, though. I have been so worried and stressed about having an “only child”. I kind of grew up like that with my parents. All of my siblings were much older so I was the only one at home. Don’t get me wrong, it had its benefits, but I felt left out from all the childhood memories. So I’m glad baby A will have a full time buddy with baby B in addition to the fun of the half siblings they’ll share.
Hooray for twins!

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Penelope Red said...

I am SO excited about the twins thing! Ah! It's just perfect for you guys I think. I too feel like I missed out on all the memories that my much older siblings shared with eachother and that connection they have with eachother even now. Anyways, wooooohooooo! I have been telling Cody A LOT that we need to move up there so I can help you, and also, take lots of TWIN pictures! Yay!