Friday, April 22

This week has been rough. I keep thinking I’ve hit the peak of this morning sickness business only to find the next day is even worse. I gave up on all the natural cures like peppermint and ginger. I spoke to a nurse the other day who recommended a “B6 cocktail”. I take a B6 supplement 3x per day and half a Unisom at bedtime. Apparently, Unisom was originally produced as a nausea aid but its sleepy side effect made it more marketable as a sleep aid. It seems to be working alright, I can’t tell yet. I ate some cold oatmeal this morning which seemed to help.
I’m 7 weeks and a couple days now. The babies are the size of large blueberries (the babies!!), about an inch each. So cool! I haven’t gained any weight yet, also cool. I think it’s going to be pretty difficult to hide it at work. I wanted to wait until July to spill the beans, but the doc thinks I’ll start showing around June.
I’m getting anxious to start preparing things. There’s not much we can do, though, until we know genders. If it was just one, we could probably stick with a neutral color and be ok, but with two, it will be better to know genders before we start getting things together. We’ve casually started looking around for stuff. KSL has TONS of baby stuff for sale and most of it is semi-new since most people only use the stuff for a few months before their baby grows out of it.
I think I’m ready for a vacation.

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Lindy said...

I tried the B6/Unisom thing...only ever made me super extra sleepy. The biggest help for me was to make sure I ate something almost constantly - like once an hour. It also helps with the "my stomach feels tiny" thing.

And with both pregnancies, Rice Krispies were a life saver. They're bland enough that I could get them down, and if they came back up (gross, I know) - they don't hurt. Just sayin.