Wednesday, April 27

Baby Beans

I am feeling fabulous today! I woke up this morning and ate my now-ritualistic cold oatmeal. I felt a little queasy once I got to work, but after eating a couple of crackers I felt better.
Today is Administrative Professionals Day. My boss sent me some beautiful flowers yesterday and took me and my co-worker to lunch at Market Street Grill for lunch today. I was so nervous to go! She doesn’t know I’m pregnant and I was terrified the smells of a seafood restaurant would send me over the edge. But, I was able to sit down with confidence. I didn’t have any nausea and I was actually LOOKING FORWARD to eating! This comes as a nice change since lately I’d rather lick the side of a port o potty than eat anything. …that might be a slight exaggeration. Slight.
Unfortunately, Market Street Grill ‘s menu is full of stuff I can’t eat. Fish, fish, and more fish. I could’ve eaten the salmon, but it wasn’t sounding very delicious so I opted for the cheese ravioli with clam chowder. YUM. I love clam chowder! It was soooo good.
Ok, enough about my meal, that’s boring. New developments? According to my Mecca of fetus knowledge, the babies are starting to grow fingers and toes this week! They are about the size of kidney beans, 3/8” long. I still haven’t started showing yet nor have I really gained any weight. My weight has been fluctuating a bit, but only within a pound or two so nothing really major yet.
My first prenatal appointment is coming up on Friday. I’m not really sure if I’ll learn anything new while I’m there. In fact, I probably already know more about things than he will since I know my exact conception date and the fact that there are two of them in there. I think I’m going to get tested for gestational diabetes.
I’m going to start taking pictures soon at the request of many of my readers. Sorry I haven’t posted any yet…there’s just nothing to see!

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Lindy said...

I think they check everyone for gestational diabetes. With my last pregnancy though, I had to do 2 tests. They're super yucky.

But, YAY for not feeling sick every minute of the day!