Monday, May 2

Missing Hydration

I spoke too soon. Although last Wednesday was a very pleasant and welcomed break, the nausea and overall “icky” feeling are back with a vengeance. I discussed my sickness with the doctor last Friday and he prescribed Zofran.
Zofran is normally used for patients undergoing chemo-therapy or other treatments/conditions that cause severe nausea. When I picked up the prescription at the pharmacy, the pharmacist told me it was a very potent drug and I should only take one to two tablets per day as needed. These cute little dandies taste like strawberries and dissolve right on your tongue in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, they apparently don’t work for everyone. L Although they do cease the queasiness for a few minutes, it abruptly returns within about ten minutes.
My poor husband has had to endure a weekend of me curled up in the fetal position on the couch wanting nothing more than to try and sleep through the constant sickness and dry heaving.
In other news, my baby bump is starting to show…a tiny tiny bit. It actually looks more like I’m bloated, which could be the case I suppose, but I’m going to blame it on the babies and say it is them instead.
It’s been extremely difficult to stay hydrated. Water is one of the worst vomit-triggers for me so I’ve been trying to suck on ice chips instead. I was doing popsicles, too, but that didn’t go too well last week so I’ve given up on that. Orange juice has seemed to be ok, but I ran out so I try to just sip on water throughout the day. I am so thirsty! I want to chug an entire bottle of ice cold water but I know once it goes in, it will only come right back out. It’s so frustrating.
I know every mom probably goes through this at least to some extent. My condolences!
I’ve started thinking about ideas for decorating the nursery. I really have no idea where to start and so much of it, I think, will depend on the genders of the babies, but there are some really cute ideas out there. In some ways, it seems very far away but in others, I’m feeling so anxious to get things done before my third trimester.
By the way, Kevin is still convinced we will be naming one of them “The Fonz”. Someone help me. Please.

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