Sunday, April 10

Toodloo, Weekend

I think it's starting. Morning sickness. On at least three occasions today, I felt that yucky nauseous feeling. Additionally, while I was watching Problem Child 2 last night, I had to change the channel prior to the amusement park puking scene because just the thought of it was starting to make me sick. Although the kids teeth were pretty sickening as well. Seriously, couldn't they have made him brush his teeth? He's the main character for pete's sake.

We started spring cleaning this weekend. We haven't actually done any "cleaning" yet, but we did take an entire car full of junk to the D.I. yesterday. I browsed through the maternity clothes just to see what kind of selection there was. Since this will undoubtedly be my only pregnancy, I don't want to invest a jillion dollars on a bunch of clothes I will only wear for a couple of months. The pickins were slim. I've got quite a while until I have to worry about the clothes, though. Besides, my belly will be biggest during the winter months anyway.

Did I mention my due date? Probably not. Even if I did, I'll mention it again: December 8th. The day after my husband's birthday.

We started talking about names today. My husband seems to be convinced we should call him The Fonz (first name The, middle name Fonz) if it's a boy. I told him I get to use the mother veto on that one. If it's a girl, I want to name her one of those old fashioned grandma kind of names, like Ruth or Agnes. Probably not actually either of those, but I just wanted you to get a taste of the time of which I was referring. Emilee, my 9 year old step daughter, would like to name them Bella and Edward if they are twins. If it's triplets, the obvious choice is Bella, Edward and Jacob. Then, Bella would always grow up having to choose which one of her brother's she loved the most.

I've been so tired all weekend. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week at work this week.

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Penelope Red said...

Oh my heck, Emilee is so funny. Haha "which one of her brother's she loved the most." Love it.

My number 1 girl name is kind of a grandma name I guess. My other grandma-ish name was already taken. (Gwen.)