Tuesday, June 26


What a cute age! Charlie is developing more and more of a personality every day. For example, right now, he is bouncing in his chair and giggling at Spongebob on TV. This is new - he hasn't ever really cared about TV before other than some big glowing thing with colors.

He's also paying more attention to what his hands can do. He can pass things between his hands and his dexterity is amazing. The feet are still a fascination, too. Now that he has two - yes, two! - teeth, he is chewing and sucking on everything that he can fit in his mouth (and even a few things he can't).

My favorite part of my whole day is going to get him out of his crib when he wakes up. I might as well have solved world hunger judging by the expression on his face. He is always SO happy, full of smiles, laughs and just overwhelmed with joy when he sees someone coming to get him. I like to give him a few minutes to wake up, though, because if I get him too soon, he is a complete crab until his next nap.

One of his favorite things right now is the cat. Sometimes he will just sit and stare at her, amazed at the fuzzy little face with long white whiskers. Kitty is pretty patient so far, but he hasn't been able to grab her yet, so I think once he starts crawling and can start chasing her, that tolerant relationship will end pretty quick.

Charlie is as close to crawling as you can get without actually crawling. He gets into the stance, does the wiggle back and forth, then gives up and rolls onto his back. He does have a little mobility, though. He has figures out how to kick his legs and spin in circles, or roll over from tummy to back over and over until he gets where he needs to go.

He's still chowing down on all his fruits and veggies, although his favorites are pears, bananas, squash and sweet potatoes. He isn't so big on carrots or peaches, but he really doesn't like peas or green beans. Who can blame him, really. He's also now able to chew on some biscuits and baby Cheetos, but they are more of a chew toy that food, really. He can drink from his sippy cup now, too. I was so impressed with this milestone. I thought it would be ages before he understood the whole tip-the-cup-and-suck thing.

I still haven't heard any words yet, or none that seem to be intentional. We have started a couple of sign language words, such as "drink" and "all done". It's weird to think he'll be talking one day, and even more weird to think of him forming complete sentances and actually communicating. It's a good thing all these things happen gradually, otherwise I'd be overwhelmed with sadness at how fast he is growing up. I'm pleased to say, though, that thus far I have enjoyed seeing him reach the new milestones and love seeing him grow and develop. Sometimes I have to be conscious of not taking my time with him for granted, but most days I'm so engulfed in having fun with him I don't even notice.

I love my little cuddle bug!

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