Thursday, December 29


Charlie was not been sleeping much the last few days. And I'm not just talking about at night. I mean, in general. He just kind of likes to stay awake. He's not always crying, though...most of the time he just lays on/next to/with me and looks around, but it's difficult to get things done when he's like this because he doesn't like to be left alone. I read somewhere that you just can't spoil a newborn because they are developing their bond with you during the first few months, so I stick with that theory and comfort him whenever he gets upset. Afterall, what could really make a newborn cry? All they want is food in their tummy, clean bums, dry clothes and no gas bubbles. The last of that list seems to be what keeps him awake the most. If he's not burping like a 40 year old sports fan watching the big game, he's tooting like someone who eats nothing but beans and brocolli everyday.

Anyway, I decided to take advantage of a few hours of this awakeness and we did a mini photoshoot in the nursery. Although I took over 100 pictures, I only got a choice few that weren't ruined by my less-than-stellar camera. I have some editing to do on a few of them, but I wanted to share my favorites. He was happy doing this for over an hour. I was even trying to get him to sleep so I could get some sleepy baby pictures, but alas - he still would not sleep.

I took a picture of Charlie's belly button because I noticed it is
shaped just like a heart! It's still deciding if it's going to be an
innie or an outie.

Tro lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo loooo, tro lo lo lo loooo

Don't let the droopy eyes fool you. He's not tired.

Yeah. This is more his style.

Baby toes! 10 perfect digits.

Now, slooooowly pull your fist up under your chin...

This is one of the hats Kevin's cousin made for the boys. There
is this brown one (Toad) and there is also a green one (frog) which
is the theme of the nursery. So thoughtful, cute and awesome!

Ah, those CHEEKS! He is starting to get his baby chub.

Totally my fav. Kevin edited this one and spruced it up. It looks
much better and is the desktop background on both of our computers.

So much awe in a new babies eyes.

Based on the wetness indicator on his diaper, he
needed a change. Yet he's still so happy!

I love to nibble on his toes, especially after bath nights.

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A super happy baby smile. No, it's not gas - it's totally legit!

This is a yawn, not a cry. Again, don't be fooled.
Sidenote - he is actually sleeping right now which is what is giving me time to write this post. I know, I should be sleeping, but I wouldn't have time to write anything otherwise!

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