Sunday, December 25

Happy Christmas

Meeting grandma for the first time
I take it back. Now I feel like many things have changed. For one thing, I haven't slept in my own bed since we brought Charlie home (but lets be honest: I haven't slept much anywhere). Thankfully, we have a comfortable reclining couch, but I miss my bed. And my husband.
Riley is so happy to finally have a brother. He should be after
6 sisters!

I have been able to wake up a little earlier as Charlie usually only wakes up two or three times a night to eat now so I don't miss quite as much sleep. However, I find my days disappear before they begin. The routine consists of waking up around 9, feeding on boob 1, changing the diaper, feeding on boob 2, burping, getting caught up on work emails, trying to find something for breakfast, feeding on boob 1 again, pumping, checking on work emails again, change diaper, doing some laundry or dishes, realizing how late in the afternoon it is, trying to take a nap, not being able to nap, feeding on boob 2, work, burping, realizing Kevin will be home in less than half an hour and not having any idea what we're having for dinner, change diaper, feed on boob 1, or was it boob 2?, heating up a frozen burrito for dinner, staying up for the 10 o'clock feeding in hopes I can get Charlie full enough to sleep until 1, feeding, diaper, oh, now I can take a break to pee...  
Mom and Charlie taking a nap the day we came home from
the hospital

And then all over again the next day. Where is there time for anything else? I have all these projects I want to work on. I thought I'd have oodles of time to do said projects now that I'm home...and especially with a newborn who sleeps all the time. Nope! So far, all I've managed to do is organize one cupboard which is where all the baby stuff is. My house is in complete disarray. I don't even remember the last time I dusted. Good thing Kevin hasn't noticed - or at least hasn't said anything yet.

Charlie is starting to enjoy his bath time more and more. I've learned to make sure he's awake for a few minutes before plopping him in his tub. As long as it's a slow transition, he likes to sit back, relax and let mom and dad pamper him. It's still tough keeping his fingernails short enough to where he doesn't destroy his face. He wears a lot of jams with mittens which helps a lot. Unfortunately, he pees on himself because his diapers are still big on his little body so we do a lot of laundry to keep the mitten jams available. 
First bath - how many hands does it take to clean a baby?

So all in all, everything is going well. Charlie got spoiled this Christmas and although most of his presents were utilitarian, they will be very handy and practical. One of his presents was a video monitor by Levana. It's pretty cool...the monitor is color, has two way speaker/talking, night vision, music, night light and lots of other cool features that make it awesome. It had pretty good reviews online so I'm looking forward to using it.

The monitor won't be very handy until he is able and willing to sleep in his crib, though. He hasn't slept in his cradle, I don't remember the last time. I find he sleeps almost twice as long if he sleeps with me on the couch and I cherish my sleepy time. I'm now starting to regret this spoilage though because he rarely sleeps without being held, cuddled or touched. Even during the day. Curses! 
Clean and snuggly after the bath

My mom is coming to stay with me for a while after the first of the year. I know she's going to be a big help and will enjoy getting to spend some time with little baby. He is, very probably, the last grandchild on my side. Therefore, I'm sure serious spoilage is going to ensue. I can't say I'm terribly opposed to it, though. He's just too cute not to spoil!
This set of jammies is size 0-3 months. It appears Charlie
is being swallowed by yards of fabric.
Hanging out at nap time.

Poppin' his collar and lookin' fly for the ladies.

Emilee, Charlie and I hanging around the house

Bright eyed and bushy tailed!

One of my favorites. Emilee fell asleep holding Charlie
before our family Christmas party. I didn't want to wake
them up they looked so sweet.

Charlie has many unique positions he prefers to sleep. This is
one of them.

First Christmas jams! These actually fit.

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