Thursday, August 4

Weekly Specs

How far along: 22 weeks, 1 day
Weight gain/loss:  No gain from last week
Maternity clothes:  Still wearing the same things, but noticing less give in the less stretchy stuff
Stretch marks: None to be had! I've also noticed I don't have that dark line thing running under my belly button. Maybe I'll be lucky?
Sleep: Still peeing a lot during the night. More so now. The sleep itself is ok, but getting less comfortable.
Best moment this week:  Taking time off to go hang with the family at the lake
Food cravings: Ice cream. So cliche.
Gender:  Same as last week...still boys
Belly button in or out?  Looking more and more like a manhole cover every day.
Movement:  Baby B has been much more active this week. I can feel lots of kicks in my ribs and feel a lot of swirling around when I rest my hand on top of my bump
What I miss:  Being able to eat what I wanted without worrying about heartburn, indigestion, or nausea.
What I'm looking forward to: Time at the lake and figuring out plans for the nursery
Milestones:  None this week. No news is good news at this point!

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