Monday, July 4

Little Boy(s) Blue

We went to our ultrasound on Friday and got lots of good news. The babies are almost exactly the same size and they have all their parts and pieces - that they could see, at least. AND, they confirmed what we thought at the other appointment: We are having two little boys! They were still on the small side for some of the anatomy, so we're going to have them checked again in the coming weeks. But so far, so good!

We had a lot of family here to visit over the weekend and there was a lot going on. I didn't have a lot of down time, so I haven't noticed much kicking. I did get a couple of new maternity outfits for myself for my birthday and my sister in law took a few pictures of me and my fun bump. She is so awesomely talented!

I'm out of my magic pills. I thought I was well enough I didn't need them anymore. Just kidding. I still need them. BUT. Still no barf for weeks. So nice! Now that I'm just about halfway there, I'm getting antsy to meet these little boys of mine. I can't wait to kiss their little faces.

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Joni said...

You look so cute, Elisa! I'm so happy for you and your family. You'll be a great mommy to your two little guys. Congrats again!