Thursday, June 30

Full Weekend

We have another ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. We aren't going to our normal doctor, though. He referred us to the University where we will talk more in depth about twin pregnancies and be able to see the babies on a high tech ultrasound.

I've been feeling pretty good the last couple of weeks. My morning sickness still comes sometimes and I gag/dry heave a lot, but I haven't thrown up for a while now. Aaaah, so nice.

So it sounds like my dad and both my sisters are coming over Saturday for a BBQ. My sister-in-law Gina - the one who made me the uber cute peas in a pod necklace - will also be staying with us this weekend. My nieces birthday is on Friday, my birthday is on Saturday, and my step daughters birthday is on Tuesday. So we'll be celebratin' birthdays all over the place this weekend! Kevin also has family coming into town, so we're going to visit with them, too.

As you can see from my progressive photo clip, my belly is groooowing. However, when I compared it to other moms-of-twins-to-be, I still look tiny! I can even suck in my gut and look like I'm not really pregnant at all. Of course, I can only do so for about 3 seconds before I'm ready to explode. I'm just over 4 months. I'm still expecting the big growth spurt this month and expect to be in the full swing of this second trimester business straight away.

I can drink water again! Not just drink it, but I can guzzle it. It's so nice.

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