Wednesday, November 28

Happy Birthday!

We just celebrated Charlie and Oliver's first birthday. Poor Charlie had a nasty cold, though, and he was in no mood to play. But, we HAD to have a photoshoot.

We also went to my mom's for Thanksgiving. Which was even better, because Charlie had the flu. I experienced my first cleaning barf out of small crevices.

Some of my favorite Charlie-isms these days:

He bobbles his head back and forth when he gets excited, happy, or hears music.

He loves Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Goldfish crackers are his favorite snacks.

Pancakes are his favorite food.

He walks everywhere. I love when he looks for me so he can hold my finger while he explores.

He has another new habit that drives me crazy. He hates having his diaper changed. He's ok until the diaper comes off, then it's time to roll over, crawl away, flip on his tummy, anything he can do to keep from having a fresh diaper put on. It's infuriating!

But seriously folks. I love this crazy kid.

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