Wednesday, September 21

Nursery Work

Last weekend we worked on getting the nursery ready. Although it's still not totally complete, it's just about there.

This is the room before.

 I know some of you are going to think, "Oh, are you sure that's not the after? Look how cute those jungle animals are! And orange? Genius!" But alas. Those were not my thoughts. I have always disliked this design, but Emilee liked it so I kept my mouth shut. However, she is now in the pink room, so it was time to say bye bye to the electric animal gathering.

We worked feverishly through the morning to get the much needed primer coat on (I can't even start to take credit for this step; this was all Kevin).

Kevin seemed to enjoy murdering the monkey with the paint roller.
We also had to mud and sand the walls where the chalkboard used to hang. Ugh, PAIN! The previous owners (or whoever they had install it, anyway) used liquid nails on the wall to adhere the boards, so when we took them off, it also removed the paint and part of the drywall. Also pictured are the crib pads we got when we purchased our second crib. Cute!

Here is a picture of me, VERY hard at work. I was a great director. My feet were swollen and I had been having some Braxton Hicks contractions, so I was taking it easy while I watched Kevin and Justine paint feverishly into the night.

We painted the bottom of the walls a chocolate brown, then did a light cream color on the top.

Kevin LOVES to paint! It's his very most favorite! ...No, no
he does not.
Such a good sport. Working so hard to make all my nursery
dreams come true.
 Once we had the top and bottom ready to go, we added the blue stripe.

Check out those crisp, clean lines! Way to go, babe!

Once the painting was done, we took a well deserved break. The following night, I washed all the baby clothes we've received so far and put them in the dresser. They look so organized! I figure it's the only time they will look that way, so I'm proud that they were so neat at least once. Kevin also put the cribs together and we have just about all the furniture in place. Unfortunately, two cribs tend to demand a lot of space, so the layout of the room isn't the most aesthetically pleasing, but it's functional nonetheless.

We set up the glider chair and ottoman and got the curtains hung. Now we just need to finish up the wall decor, and I think we're pretty well set! The frames for the pictures have all been spray painted and are ready to go; I just need to get the book covers of the Frog & Toad books scanned and printed for the frames. I plan to hang them with 2" green ribbon to break up some of the mute colors and tie in the Frog & Toad theme with the blue stripe. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do for the other wall, but I have a few ideas. I'll be sure to post pictures once it's all finished.

Now for the weekly stats update!

How far along: 29 Weeks
Weight gain/loss:  4 pounds
Maternity clothes:  Dresses, dresses dresses! I am now wearing Kevin's t-shirts to bed, but they are tight against my belly so that won't last much longer. 
Stretch marks: Nothing noticeable yet.
Sleep: Missing sleep. Normal sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. Sleep without peeing. Sleep without rolling over and squishing cat. Sleep without aching hips. Sleep without nightmares involving a flaming throat and ultimately waking up to terrible heartburn. Yep. Missing sleep.
Best moment this week:  Working on the nursery and having a big long "holy crap, this is reality" chat with Kevin about the babies.
Food cravings: None, really. Food doesn't sound that awesome these days because EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. Even water. No room in the Inn.
Gender:  Same as last week...still boys
Belly button in or out?  Can't make up its mind. I have a little half moon where my piercing was that keeps getting bigger and bigger. But the belly button itself is still hiding. Also, I find it's very fun to play with. I constantly have my finger in it, even when I don't realize it.
Movement:  Baby B has a fun little game he likes to play called hide and seek behind mom's ribs. Baby A has just as much fun using my bladder as a bouncy castle and the both have set patterns now. Baby B is almost always awake before A.
What I miss:  Normal conversations. Every time someone speaks to me these days, it's to ask how I'm doing, how much longer I have in my pregnancy, what's going on with the babies, etc. I love discussing it, but I definitely miss talking about anything else.
What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower this Saturday!
Milestones:  Getting the nursery prepared, having my "come to Jesus" moment that the boys will be here in less than a couple of months, fitting into all the maternity clothes I stared at 4 months ago thinking, "omagosh, these will never fit me, I'm not an elephant". Becoming an elephant. 

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